Dr Dierk Lindemann Welfare Personality of the Year Award (individual) 2016

Reverend Stephen Miller

Reverend Stephen Miller

Reverend Stephen Miller is described as being 'pioneering, committed and dedicated to the wellbeing of seafarers. A key figure in welfare provision, he began his career in the Port of Rotterdam. Now a Senior Port Chaplain, Regional Director in East Asia of the Mission to seafarers and manager of the Mariners Club in Hong Kong, he leads teams from a variety of seafarers' organisations. Working with other regulatory bodies in relation to the MLC 2006, Stephen was invited by the Vietnamese government to teach the standards to their Flag State Inspectors.

In the United Arab Emirates he introduced the M/V. Flying Angel as a means of delivering welfare services to ships at the Fujairah anchorage where seafarers were otherwise completely isolated from welfare services. Raising the costs through fundraising, and dealing with challenge from the authorities, Stephen successfully found a way to address the needs of seafarers who could not access port and made sure medical services, WiFi through satellite, communications, libraries, TV and video were made available to those off shore.

Dealing with cases of extreme hardship and abuse at sea, Stephen has paid special attention to those on substandard vessels with no other means of help. Working with port authorities, he opened a new welfare service in Myanmar, and uses inclusivity to promote seafarers' welfare across East Asia.

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