Entry for Shipping Company of the Year Award

Awarded to the shipping company/ship management company that has done the most to provide the highest quality welfare services for seafarers.

Have you been nominated by seafarers for the Shipping Company of the Year Award? If you wish to be considered for this award, please complete the form below in English.

The deadline for submission is Monday 3rd June 2019.

Your details

(including country)

Your entry submission

E.g. Is a gym or sports area available on board? Do seafarers have regular access to fresh fruit, vegetables and a varied diet? Does the company help facilitate good quality sleep on board? (200 words maximum)
a) Does the company provide free/low cost internet on board? Where can the internet be accessed on board? b) What other ways does the company enable seafarers to remain in contact with their families? (200 words maximum)
E.g. How does the company do its utmost to help seafarers leave the vessel during time in port and make use of the facilities available there or in nearby towns? Where it’s not possible to leave the vessel, how does the company ensure seafarers have access to facilities which aren’t available on the ship? (200 words maximum)
(200 words maximum)
For example, does the company provide a mentoring scheme or similar for seafarers? Are there support systems in place for seafarers struggling with life on board or in their personal life? Are seafarers’ preferences considered before business decisions are made? (How? Please give examples) (200 words maximum)
You can attach other documents to support the application – for example, third party endorsements from other organisations you work with.
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