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Judges' Special Award for Outstanding Services to Seafarers' Welfare 2011

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Dr Suresh Narain Idnani

This year the judges have decided to present a Special Award for Outstanding Services to Seafarers' Welfare to Dr Suresh Narain Idnani.

Dr Idnani's career spans three decades of practical experience and training in the areas of seafarers' health and welfare. He is elected the President of the International Maritime Health Association (IMHA) for a second term and is responsible for developing international relations for the Association; with the team, he is working to develop a quality assurance accreditation scheme in maritime health. For four years he ran the South Asia programme of the International Committee on Seafarers' Welfare.

A colleague said of him ""He took up this somewhat thankless task in South Asia at a time when few people were aware of the importance of the issue [of seafarers' welfare]. As a result of his continuous follow up, efficient delivery systems for seafarers' welfare were established all over the region. More than ten port welfare committees now function in India, the Colombo port of Sri Lanka leads the way in welfare matters and countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan are now on the welfare map."