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Port – joint winners Singapore and Barcelona

With 140,000 vessels passing through its waters every year, Singapore is the busiest port in the world. At any one time some 1000 ships are in dock. Its Singapore Mariners’ Club provides a one stop shop for all foreign seamen on shore leave, including competitively priced apartments to use with their families, extensive communication and sports facilities and sightseeing tours. An annual grant of $100,000 funds counselling services and pastoral services.

Since 1947 the Port of Barcelona has supported the Apostleship of the Sea welfare club by offering it rent-free property and by helping to fund its activities. A special agreement with the Apostleship cares for abandoned seafarers and homeless fishermen. Other services to the Apostleship include sponsoring information leaflets and signposting within the merchant port to help seafarers find their way to the club. The port also sponsored the publication of a study of welfare needs of seafarers when arriving in port.