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Kandla Port pro-actively responded to the need for a seafarers’ centre by establishing the Kandla Seafarers’ Welfare Association and providing it with the physical space for setting up a seafarers’ centre. The port is providing a member of staff to manage the Association, which has a membership of port officials, port users, ship owners, doctors and religious heads who meet on a regular basis to plan and evaluate the quality of services available to visiting crew. 

Port officials regularly seek feedback from captains and seafarers and take suggestions for improvements to its activities seriously. As a result, the seafarers’ centre offers a broad range of services including free internet, low-cost phone calls, a Café, a well-stocked shop, as well as counselling and religious services.

To ensure that arriving seafarers are aware of the services offered, the port control tower informs ships calling at Kandla through emails about the seafarers’ centre. Port pilots, who go midstream to bring in ships, also carry leaflets to inform the captain and crew about the welfare activities offered. In addition the port provides a valuable bus service to take seafarers to the welfare centre and other destinations in the port.

The Winner

Kandla Port, India