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Port of the Year 2014

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Port of Antwerp

The Port has three seafarers' churches, together with other missions based in the Antwerp Seafarers' Centre, which also provides entertainment, sports and leisure facilities. In 2013, the Antwerp Harbour Hotel was opened, offering cheap accommodation for seafarers. The port offers a popular, free shuttle service to the city centre and to the Seafarers' Centre.

Sports facilities help seafarers overcome isolation and keep fit for the physical challenge of working safely on board ship. Computers and a free Wi-Fi network are on offer throughout the port, allowing seafarers to contact their families and find information on the port and its services. In 2013, the Port Authority invested in a church barge, a social and spiritual place where everybody is welcome to drop in, linking seafarers with tourists and others in the city. It also produced and distributed on board a welfare leaflet with information about the port's services.

The Port Authority takes seafarer welfare seriously. It organises welfare committee meetings with port chaplains and others to act on their ideas for improving services. It gives port chaplains easy access to the port terminals so they can meet seafarers unable to get into the city. It integrates seafarer welfare into its sustainability report, and included its cooperation with welfare organisations in its new online and social media marketing campaign, Everything is Possible.