Seafarers’ Centre of the Year

Seafarers' Centre Bremerhaven

The Seafarer Centre in Bremerhaven consists of the Seamannsheim and the Seamen's Club 'Welcome'.

The centre offers a leisure room where seafarers can enjoy newspapers, books, refreshments and games; a quiet room and a prayer room; and counselling and pastoral care. It provides free internet, telephones, SIM and phone cards and a money transfer service, and has Karaoke, an outdoor sports area and a garden.


The Seamannsheim near the city centre offers 36 affordable beds and breakfast, which attracted 6,642 overnight stays during 2014, while the club, which is open daily and located close to the terminals, received 28,269 visitors. Some 1,600 seafarers used the centre's transport service for cruise ship crew in the same year.

One of the centre's five professional welfare workers is responsible for organising its ship visiting service and provides training and courses for the 12 volunteers who work alongside the staff. In 2014, staff made 1,355 ship visits, offering newspapers, local information, phone and internet cards and counselling and pastoral care. They took care of 15 seafarers who were hospitalised, making nearly 60 visits.

 The centre organises cultural projects to raise public awareness about seafarers' lives and has raised funds to offer free bicycle hire so that seafarers can visit the town independently.

 The centre is part of a consortium of port authorities, port and shipping companies, local officials and the church which meets regularly and has been appointed by the Bremen senate as the social council, in line with MLC 2006.