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Seafarers’ Centre of the Year 2012

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Seafarers’ House has been operating its mission inside Port Everglades for 23 years. As part of a long tradition of providing support services to the maritime community, the Mission’s community centre is open not only to visiting seafarers but also local port workers. The Mission offers a multi-faith service and is open throughout the year as a safe and friendly place where mariners can connect with family back home, relax or get emergency assistance if needed.

The Mission owns six vans which provide free transportation to its facilities. Low-cost international phone calls, free WiFi, banking and popular recreational facilities including board games, billiards, a reading room and TV lounge are all available at the Mission. There is also a multi-faith chapel, an international shop where seafarers can buy goods from their home countries, and an outdoor café provides hot meals and snacks.

The Mission employs two chaplains, who together with other staff visit ships on a daily basis, carrying with them necessities such as calling cards and hospitality kits for crew. Chaplains are on call around the clock for emergencies. Meeting the changing needs of seafarers is vital to the Mission’s work. Seafarers are invited to leave feedback in a suggestion box at the Mission and volunteers are encouraged to ask visiting crew on how services can be improved. This information is shared at regular management and planning meetings.

The Winner

Seafarers' House Port Everglades, USA