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Seafarers’ Centre of the Year 2014

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The Flying Angel, Fremantle

Seafarers visiting Fremantle can enjoy comfortable facilities and a wide range of services in the two-storey modernised seafarers' centre every day of the year. Up to 20 sick , injured or abandoned seafarers can stay free in self-contained rooms, while all can use the downstairs area, which comprises a welcoming reception, shop, money exchange, restaurant, bar lounge area, quiet room, games and recreation rooms, and a chapel open at all hours.

The internet café provides telephone booths for privacy, six fast internet stations for Skype and email and free Wi-Fi connections. The Flying Angel Club provides a regular shuttle bus to bring arriving crew to the centre and promotes its services by maintaining strong relationships with shipping agents and port authorities and distributing information literature on board.

All 1,500 ships calling at Fremantle each year are visited at least once by one of the Club's ship visiting team. It also supports families by offering free accommodation at the centre so they can stay with seafarers who are recovering from prolonged illness.

All Club staff and volunteers attend regular training. The Club's committee is currently drafting its five-year plan to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of visiting seafarers.