Shipping Company of the Year


Eidesvik provides a wide variety of free welfare services for its seafarers.

On the leisure side, these range from gyms on all vessels, an exercise campaign and cycling and football competitions to family holiday accommodation in the Norwegian mountains, Spain and Turkey. Seafarers also enjoy internet and television in all cabins and dayrooms, scholarships, bank loans and gifts on anniversaries.


 Masters organise cultural and social events when in vessels are in port and arrange welfare visits to the ships by local organisations, such as the Norwegian Seaman's Church. Families can keep in touch with seafarers through the company intranet.

Eidesvik offers its own health service for its seafarers and its family centre is part of the service agreement for seafarers supplied by its crew agents. This provides help for families in cases of sickness and other problems. The company also provides an extended insurance package for seafarers and their families.

In order to gather seafarers' feedback on its welfare initiatives, Eidesvik carries out regular audits and management visits, cooperates closely with safety delegates and organises employee conferences. This valuable insight means the company can continue to ensure that its services meet sailors' needs.