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Shipping Company of the Year 2012

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Shell Shipping has already adopted the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) standards, which comes into force in 2013. To date, over 40% of the Shell managed fleet has achieved MLC compliance, which means that all onboard working and living conditions, welfare provisions, social security benefits, complaint resolution procedure and employment contracts conform to the new internationally agreed ILO standard.

Where practical, Shell ships contain recreation rooms fitted with gaming and entertainment facilities e.g. Playstation, TV, DVD players, as well as high speed internet access and telephone facilities to enable communication with families and friends while at sea. Sports facilities are available on board to allow seafarers to maintain healthy and active lifestyles. Some ships have table tennis, table football, musical instruments and even Karaoke machines.

Shell employs agents that provide essential support services to seafarers at ports. These agents educate seafarers on the welfare facilities available in each port and provide transportation and other support services as required. Shell sponsors international seafarers’ conferences, along with essential training courses both at sea and ashore to enhance skills, and focus on effective leadership to ensure the welfare of all on board. Seafarers are also given online tools to stay connected with colleagues in the rest of the Shell Group to share best practice around key issues such as safety and reliability.

The Winner

Shell Shipping