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Shipping Company of the Year 2014

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Wallem Ship Management

Wallem Ship Management encourages shore leave and contact with families for the health and wellbeing of its seafarers, and allows families to join officers on voyages.

It helps crew members obtain shore passes where necessary, and its network of agents provides crew with facilities in and around the port and helps them arrange medical or family visits. Seafarers keep in touch with relatives through internet access, while Wallem's Crew Connect card provides free email and low-rate telephone calls. While seafarers are at sea, they can be confident that Wallem will deal efficiently and sympathetically with family emergencies and requests for compassionate leave.

All Wallem ships and seafarers are covered by CBAs. Seafarers enjoy food prepared by one of the industry's leading caterers and the company contributes a monthly fixed sum for the crew to buy sports equipment, DVDs and karaoke sets.