Shipping Company of the Year 2016

Shipping Company of the Year 2016

Anglo-Eastern Ship Management and MF Shipping Group


Anglo Eastern Ship Management

A dedicated welfare department ensures that sailing staff have a positive work environment and good recreation facilities on board, including social events, gym and sports equipment and an extensive book and video library. An on-board committee oversees mess management so that there is a healthy, balanced diet which caters to different dietary requirements. The company arranges visits by clergy on board whenever requested by staff.
Anglo Eastern run socialization programs including inter-departmental get-togethers, sports and games, food festivals, and art festivals. They run several in-house publications that encourage seafarers to engage creatively, as well as tackling themes such as social, spiritual and family life.
Anglo Eastern was shortlisted in the 2015 Seafarers' Welfare awards, and their approach to seafarers' welfare has won them numerous awards from the Indian government and employee unions. These awards include 'Best Foreign Employer of Indian Seafarers', won by Anglo Eastern 10 times in the last 12 years.

Seafarers are in contact with each other through social network discussion forums and can provide their views through regular feedback forms, online surveys and structured debriefing, on completion of a tour of duty.

Seafarers are kept in contact with their families by on-board telephone facilities, free email and postage/courier services, and reasonably priced calling cards and internet facilities. Anglo Eastern also organises special events for seafarers and families.

The company provides medical support and insurance for seafarers both on board and on shore, as well as ensuring communication is made with families affected. They also assist seafarers hospitalised abroad and communicate regularly with families in an emergency, as well as employing four psychologists for counselling family members

MF Shipping

MF shipping takes the welfare of their crew seriously, providing flexible sailing schedules and shore leave to maintain work-life balance.

To encourage socialisation, MF has its own social media platform just for team members, and free internet available at sea and in port with facilities in each crew cabin, seafarers are encouraged to use social media. All mail to seafarers is sent to them with priority. They also have a company magazine made with the help of their seafarers, Fleetlog, designed to be a visual bridge connecting family and friends on shore to those at sea. All break rooms have entertainment facilities such as games consoles, televisions and a library.

With supported medical insurance for seafarers and their families, and regular health and safety days that are always attended by a Director, the company also supports a healthy lifestyle. This includes asking for suggestions from the crew which they will implement, for example lower fat fryers were recently installed. They provide a counsellor and interpreter on-board. Recently the company participated in a long term fatigue research project let by Professor Mike Barnett, Emeritus Professor, School of Maritime Science & Engineering, Southampton Solent University. The outcome of this study is implemented into fatigue guidelines as part of their quality systems.

MF provides extensive care to families of seafarers also, in the case of illness, death or emergency they support partners financially and legally. Seafarers' partners are also allowed to visit and sail with vessels without additional payments

Seafarers are invited to join social company events with their partners. This year, all team members are invited for a major company event during Delfsail festival (in Delfzijl, Netherlands) in June 2016.