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Welfare Personality of the Year 2011

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Welfare Personality of the Year – joint winners

The Reverend Peters Ellis

The Reverend Peter Ellis is described as "a remarkable character with a natural ability to identify with seafarers and understands their needs". This expertise comes from a lifetime's dedication to furthering the cause of seafarer's wellbeing. Peter avidly monitors developments in the shipping industry to ensure that the service he is responsible for retains the utmost relevance to seafarers needs. He is a strong advocate and always ensures that seafarers' needs are brought to the attention of shipping companies.

His nomination said: "Peter is the outstanding example of a seafarer's friend. Regardless of rank, religion or race Peter has cared for them all. He is a model of service commitment and dedication to the task of upholding seafarers."

Paddy Percival

Paddy Percival is fondly referred to as 'Babushka' by many of the seafarers she regularly cares for. This nickname, which means grandmother in Russian, is a reference to the fact that at the age of 60 she learnt the Russian language so she could better support the many Russian seafarers that pass through Durban.

Paddy has been providing a personalised service as a chaplain to seafarers for over 10 years. She particularly focuses her efforts on seafarers needing assistance after being traumatised during piracy hijacking, ship disasters, serious injuries, arrest or the onset of domestic problems. She offers care and counselling on board, in the Mission Centre and in hospitals. She has been known to take seafarers to her own home for a home cooked meal and she has liquidised meals and handfed those who are seriously ill.