The Dr Dierk Lindemann Welfare Personality of the Year - Organisation

NUSI, the National Union of Seafarers of India, represents more than 80,000 Indian ratings and petty officers. It has also initiated a range of welfare activities through its trust for both active and retired seafarers and their families.


NUSI continually works to improve seafarers' on-board working conditions. It tackles the criminalisation of seafarers, has achieved a good pension scheme for seafarers and in 2014 it won income tax benefits for Indian seafarers serving on Indian flag ships.

NUSI provides pre- and post-sea residential training and statutory courses at its maritime academies in Goa and Nhava, and residential training at its institute exclusively for seafarers in the offshore industry. Its resort in Lonavala includes a home for elderly seafarers, a holiday home and a trade union training centre. It also runs a hospital in Goa for seafarers and their families. NUSI's support office offers unlimited free snacks and services and the computer centre is free to all seafarers.

Over 3,000 widows have already benefited from NUSI's financial assistance, while over 7,000 seafarers have benefitted from its medical benefits. The children of ratings and petty officers get an education grant of USD50 up to 12th standard and a scholarship grant which gives girls an extra 50 percent and provides USD800 for pre-sea training. The NUSI youth committee organises welfare and medical camps which include an HIV/AIDS awareness programme and inform seafarers and their families to NUSI's services.