Pradeep Chawla, Anglo Eastern

08 December 2017

Capt. Pradeep Chawla joined Sea, 1974 as Deck Cadet. He sailed on various ship types and attained the rank of Master in 1986. He started in a shore job in 1992 in Anglo-Eastern Ship Management.

Capt. Chawla is presently working as Managing Director, QHSE and Training for Anglo-Eastern Univan Group. Anglo-Eastern Group manages over 600 ships and employs 27,000 staff at sea and over 1,700 people ashore.

In 1992 he authored and published a book on’Safety at Sea’ in Hindi and Tagalog.

He is serving as an invited member in the Hong Kong Fleet Operations Advisory Committee (HKFOAC) and works as a “Competent Person” for IMO. He is the present Chairman of Global MET Association.

He is a member of the Intertanko Human Element, The Standard Club Safety and Loss Advisory Committee – Asia and The Manning and Training Committee of Hong Kong Shipowners Association. He contributes to various other industry forums and committees and is a frequent speaker in various international conferences.

He is an Ex-Vice-President and Council member of Nautical Institute, UK.