Niels Snog, Garrets International

08 December 2017

Niels has been CEO for Garrets International since January 2016. Garrets International was established in 1991, whereas the former Wrist business unit, SeaStar Management, was established in 2009 to specialize in the delivery of consumables and handling of associated budgets all over the world. Niels was positioned as General Manager in SeaStar Management, where the company quickly established a strong reputation and a customer platform of 600 ships. With Wrist’s acquisition of Garrets, the SeaStar brand was changed to Garrets.

Garrets is now the world’s leading Provision and Stores Management partner at sea, dedicated to managing budgets and delivering provisions and stores to ships all over the world. It serves more than 1,900 vessels with a firm focus on quality, based on agreed levels where long-term partnerships with its customers are built through mutual trust and transparency.

Niels has before his position in Garrets been within the Wrist Group since 2004 living in the Maldives, Dubai, Algeciras and now Denmark. In his years in the Group and Garrets International, Niels has been part of several projects in the general operation and development of the world’s leading catering company to the global shipping community. The seafarers and their welfare are the heart of everything that is done within the business.